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MV Ocean Outback

The MV Ocean Outback, a sister ship to the MV Ocean Swagman, was launched in late 2010.

Like her sister ship, the vessel can transport 6000 cattle or 25,000 sheep, or a combination of both.

The MV Ocean Outback is the next generation in livestock vessel design and construction. At a cost of more than $40 million, the design and construction of the vessel was focused on one objective – enhanced welfare and safety of livestock, vessel and crew.

Its Dual Independent Propulsion System, comprising separate engine rooms and propellers, provides levels of redundancy, and therefore safety, rarely seen in cruise liners and never before built into livestock vessels.

The advanced ventilation system fans an average of 110 air changes per hour, four times the Australian standard and 3.5 times the number of air changes per hour on a commercial airliner.

The MV Ocean Outback has been classified by the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) as a ‘Green Star Vessel’, due to its low emissions and pollution prevention design and systems.

Vessel specifications - MV Ocean Outback

  • Length: 130 metres
  • Breadth: 21.6 metres
  • Keel to mast height 24 metres
  • Gross tonnage: 12,892 tonnes
  • Livestock area: 8,000 m2
  • Number of decks: 7
  • Summer draft: 7.8 metres
  • Fresh water capacity: 2,000,000 litres (almost equivalent of Olympic sized swimming pool)
  • Fresh water production: 320,000 litres per day from 4 reverse osmosis desalination plants
  • Fodder capacity: 2000 cubic metres (equivalent 1,500 tonnes) in two fodder tanks
  • Air circulation: 110 air changes/hour (3.5 times minimum standard)
  • Speed: 17 knots
  • Engines: 2 Wartsila 9L32
  • Crew: 34