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The Parade

1 November 2014

Saturday night saw San Juan host the traditional welcoming parade for the ISDE. A good crowd turned out to see the teams from all over the globe march past.

As usual the last marchers were the host country and the countries who won the three major World trophy classes at last year’s event, which in this case was France who captured the Senior and Junior titles and Australia with the Women's.

The biggest cheer was obviously reserved for the team from Argentina who has the largest contingent of riders. Blue and white Argentinian flags were being waved franticly as excited riders and supporters paraded in front of their countrymen.

The whole atmosphere was really good and everyone had a great time as local singers entertained the crowd and a huge screen flashed up entertainment.

Watch all the fun from the parade below:


In addition, some photos from the parade are below:

The parade


The parade line-up


Team Japan


Team Chile


Team Italy


Team USA


Team Australia on stage


Watching the parade