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Team USA touches down in San Juan

29 October 2014

As the American International Six Days Enduro Team converged on the hotel Del Bono Park in San Juan, Argentina the reality of the impending competition was starting to sink in.

After arriving in San Juan, Team USA sat patiently as management went through the first of the team meetings to coordinate the many facets involved in an event of this magnitude. The Wellard Club Team, consisting of Andrew Delong, Chris Bach and Gary Sutherlin, had the opportunity to catch up and discuss team tactics for the race, with all of them eager to secure Wellard its first overall win in the club division.

Adding to the riders nerves, an unfortunate customs issue has delayed the team container from arriving at the Parc Ferme on time, and riders have been encouraged to walk the special tests to familiarise themselves with what lies ahead. Check out the video below for a guided tour of the ISDE course and the challenges that will face all of the riders.

Where the Team USA container was meant to be

For some of the riders, it will be their first time competing at the ISDE and at the conclusion of the main meeting 34 time ISDE veteran Jeff Fredette was asked to share some tips learned over the years with the new competitors.

As the final days pass before the competition starts a story is beginning to unfold and in true ISDE tradition there will be twists and turns both good and bad to test the riders over the full six days of competition. The ISDE is a tough competition and will confront riders with both physical and mental challenges, and for those who succeed - the experience of competing in the Argentinian 2014 International Six Days Enduro will be forever something to be proud of.

Keep checking back with us as we capture all the action from the ISDE.  Don't forget that you can send the team, or your favourite rider, a message of support.

But for now it's Adios from Argentina.