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Support crews and Special Tests

2 November 2014

Sunday was a day of rest for all the riders who have walked many kilometres in the last week. They will be heading into battle tomorrow and need to rest up as the Argentinian terrain will take no prisoners.

The same could not be said for the support crews as they needed to ready things to go out to check points. The logistics involved in an event of this size are truly staggering and trying to explain to someone who has never been involved can be difficult.

Things like fuel for the bikes, both two and four stroke, tables and chairs for weary riders along with food to replenish their bodies is needed. New clean goggles and dry gloves, energy bars, spare parts, tools and just about anything else you can think of is taken to the daily check points.

This is the Six Day's and if you have been to one you will know anything can and will happen over the course of the event and it is up to the tireless efforts of the support crew to make it all right and leave the riders to deal with just getting to checkpoints on time and producing the best results in the special tests.

It all happens tomorrow so stay tuned and make sure you send a message of support to your favourite rider - as it will be greatly appreciated.

Roll on Day One!! Watch below for a look at the Day Three and Four terrain:


Some of the terrain from the Special tests:

Special test start


Sandy test conditions


Rock pit special test


Special test 3, more rocky conditions


Special test 2 and 6


Special test 2 and 6