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Wellard receives permission to export cattle to Indonesia

14 August 2011

Wellard Rural Exports will recommence cattle exports to Indonesia by the end this week, after the company was issued with an Approved Export Plan from the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry on Friday, for the export of 7000 cattle from Wyndham, Western Australia.

Wellard, Australia’s largest livestock exporter, expects the receipt of the Government approval and the company’s current shipping schedule will enable it to commence exports to Indonesia by the end of this week.

Wellard Managing Director Steve Meerwald said the Indonesian feedlot and abattoir industry had worked tirelessly to meet Australia’s new export regulations.

“This will be our first shipment to Indonesia in two-and-a-half months so we are extremely pleased that the live cattle trade is slowly re-opening for the northern producers who rely on it for their livelihoods,” he said.

The cattle will be supplied to two Wellard clients in Indonesia. The animal welfare and livestock traceability systems at both clients’ feedlots and their nominated abattoirs have been independently audited and verified. The results of the audit were submitted to the Department of Agriculture as part of Wellard’s export application.

A number of additional Wellard clients in Indonesia have now also established the infrastructure and traceability systems required under the new trading regulations. Wellard has submitted export applications for additional shipments to those clients.

Wellard’s first shipment will be aboard the MV Ocean Swagman, a technologically advanced livestock vessel launched by Wellard in 2010.

Its Dual Independent Propulsion System, comprising separate engine rooms and propellers, provides levels of redundancy, and therefore safety, rarely seen in cruise liners and never before built into livestock vessels.

The advanced ventilation system on board the MV Ocean Swagman fans an average of 110 air changes per hour, four times the Australian standard and 3.5 times the number air changes per hour on a commercial airliner.

Additional to the compliment of experienced crew onboard the vessel, the voyage will be accompanied by two accredited Australian stockmen a standard practice for Wellard on short haul live export voyages.

For further information please contact:

Cameron Morse
Phone: + 61 8 9386 1233
Mobile: +61 433 886 871
Website: www.wellard.com.au


Background – Wellard Rural and Trading

Wellard is a world leader in the production and distribution of livestock and grain.

Its two largest subsidiaries are Wellard Rural Exports, Australia’s largest livestock exporter and ship owner, and Wellard Agri, a large mixed farming land owner and operator specialising in the production of grains, legumes and livestock.

Wellard Rural Exports has supplied quality dairy and beef cattle and sheep and goats to the world for more than 30 years, and its investment in the live export industry is without peer.  Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, the company’s operations cover every aspect of the export chain, including feed milling, livestock aggregation, road transport, feedlot facilities throughout Australia and modern shipping.

The company’s flagship carrier, the MV Ocean Drover (formerly the MV Becrux), is a purpose-built livestock carrier capable of carrying 75,000 sheep or 18,000 cattle to major markets around the globe.  She was commissioned in 2002.

Its MV Ocean Shearer (formerly the MV Stella Deneb) can carry 125,000 sheep or 23,000 cattle, or a combination of both.

Two new, technologically advanced, purpose-built vessels, the MV Ocean Swagman and the MV Ocean Outback, were launched in 2010. They offer unparalleled levels of safety for the livestock, crew and vessel, and can transport 7000 cattle, 25,000 sheep, or a combination of both.

Wellard Agri owns and operates eight farms covering 33,000 hectares across three agri-hubs. The two northern hubs are located at Dongara and Watheroo in Western Australia’s central midlands and one is located at Kojonup in the Great Southern region of WA.

The Dongara hub is home to The Grange, a 14,500 hectare property which is considered one of Western Australia’s blue chip farming properties.

The remaining landholding totals more than 18,000 hectares, of which 14,000 hectares is cropped to a variety of grains and legumes. The other 4000ha is devoted to sheep production, including the famous Hyfield Poll Merino stud at Kojonup. In addition, Wellard leases an additional 14,500ha for livestock and grain production.

Wellard Agri also has operations in the farm machinery sector, through management of the CLAAS Harvest Centres at Katanning and Esperance for the Landpower range of farm machinery.

Visit www.wellard.com.au